2015?? OH YEAH

BREAKING NEWS*** All artists update! J-Double-R, is rehearsing and promoting the biggest launch of his career for the 2nd album (Y.E.G) in Edmonton Alberta. World-wide movement. Representing all races, languages, homeless, abnormal, indifferent, the forgotten and those at the bottom. With the first singled released titled "Bring It On" and "Still at the Bottom" Snippet. Up coming performances in Mid March selected by Land Mark Entertainment. Tweeter Account @J1Double7R as well same username for Instagram. Please check out his the latest projects "Soo Weather Muzik" inspired by Sault Ste Marie artist and community, "State Troopin thru Moco" on DatPiff and "Yukon Great North" mix-tape (Whitehorse Yukon). Due check-out his late Interview with "TIME2Grind" New Jersey Radio station. BIG J, still in process and traveling, don't forget to check out his album "Hip-Hop Of Reggaton" and his tweeter account. It has reached financial success in his endeavors. Well deserved and a lot to be proud as well keeping a healthy regiment for the ladies Sonata, Currently on Facebook and Instagram working on personal projects, meantime please check out her last album "Love Crime of Opera" Best seller. It reached a five-year triumph within her growth yarning for more. Kiss-Royale, relocated and facing new exciting challenges ahead yet taking them head on to prosper forward. Relentlessly grinding to complete future awaiting projects. Building up a brand new artist campaigns for the presidential elections to reflect her modern generation's concerns to improve social justices "Hands up," "I can't breath" Music is a weapon, let it raise, March and the consciousness for the people by the people for the people. That's Democracy.

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