Venus511inc projection developments/artist future projects 

Sonata working on a xmas project of new creative lyrics to be release 2016 J-double-r has release in Canada/ Asia/Africa 3 major collaboration cd projects congratulations!!! to the hardest working independent artist in Europe Big-j HAS MOVED ON TO BIG AND BETTER AWSOME CHALLENGES !!He has transform to a slimmer healthier frame which has force him to change his artist name and has become his own promoter of his artistic future. Sorry to see you go, you are a true mega -talent genius ,good luck. We…

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j-doubl-r doing big-thangs!! 

Its a year for j-double-r as an artist follow him on twitter to get the scoop!!

Sonata update 

Sonata will be completing the Australian operatic project with the premiere launching early of 2019 on Instagram, cd baby, iTunes, and Apple.It will be a complete classical cd with a strong diverse aporatic sound.

Where are the artists ? 

The Venus 511 crew artists are entangled with business venturing into their projects and living life to its fullest. They are busy dealing with new challenges within their lifecycle and tackling entrepreneurial ventures as investors .J-double-r continuously traveling through social media with new music for his loyal fans .He many innovation deals on the table watch and follow him on social media for his next release.Stay connected with the entire crew and track their digital footprints as they navigate…

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Sonata’s Christmas project 

Sonata’s Christmas project coming soon!! Sonata’s Christmas single is finalized, and on Monday, September 3, 2018, the anticipated operatic mezzo –soprano classic cd will be launch all over social media, radio, Amazon, Cd baby, Apple, and iTunes. Look –out for the Pomo buzz! Thank you for being such loyal fans and following us on Facebook and Instagram we want to say thank by giving away free digital downloads for the first 50 fans to the cd baby website sonata’s page stay tuned for more details.