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Venus 511 inc: Guestbook


September 18, 2013

How do we get in touch with you guys?
This sounds like a new R&B and hip/hop mix ,sounds like a progressive trend. The second language combo sound R.T. any video?


August 12, 2013

hey,the music is of the chain ,who's the producer of these beats? big-j is of the hook


December 30, 2012

hi,i hope youy remember me from the downtown Pa. mall last week grill place,your gig was sweet and thanks for the cd. love it! i would like to know when is it going to be realese in U.S. happy 2013


December 30, 2012

i got this from itune and i did know these home grown music sounds this good,yumm yumm this is Detroit raw music and all my college friends can relate to the social notes ,keep it up,now i am a fan.


December 3, 2012

i saw your gig last week kissroyale...proud mary has return with an african were great!


December 3, 2012

love this music


December 15, 2011

J Double R, thanks for performance! Next show will be wild! Great HipHop Re'birth album. Heard your new songs and latest project Mixtape 4 "Yukon North Chickatoes and Sourdough's"?? lol cant wait "rah rah"!!


February 12, 2011

Will there be a cd 2 to follow the Obama 2012 re-election? I would like some of our artist work with Kiss Royale

patric giomano

February 12, 2011

these tracks are great i need someone to contact us in LA.I need somesamples to sent for airtime for college student.


December 8, 2010

It's nice to have you guys on board on 2011 gigs with Fisher.See you in Harlem next ear!!


October 22, 2010

I listen to the Obama cd on Itune and all my friends think it's cool.,we going to send to all our friend to get this cd!1don't forget to vote we need 4 more years!!

helen mc mitosh

September 23, 2010

Love these tracks ,I'm from bethesda and we proud to know all ya' from are hometown!!! WJ IS THE PLACE.

Tracy A Jamieson

August 17, 2010


Linda Goodon

July 20, 2010

You guys are so underrated! If I were an a&r I would sign you all! The music I can relate to and everyone around me bought two copies already!

Andrew Peters

July 2, 2010

Silver Spring resident Vivian Scretchen is running for State Delegate in Maryland's District 19 and is a voice for Maryland's young voters. You can check out her issues and find out more at!


July 2, 2010

Hry,I love these tracks and can't wait to actually see you guys perform.I HOPE TO YOU SEE YOU ALL,AT THE VIVIAN SCRETCHEN rally!!!She deals with real issues about us.

Def Jam/A&R

June 8, 2010

Hip-Hop Re'birth is definetly something new to hip-hop! Album is different and stands out from alot of up coming artist! Ms.J, your artist has a bright music career soon to takeoff as well as Big J, Sonata & Kiss Royale! Hope to see one of them on Mtv and mainstream very soon! Best of Luck, Keep focus and Hungry.

-DefJam A&R Peterson


March 24, 2010

Long Sentence your teacher RJ I didn't know you had this talent but as a PRE-HEALTH STUDENT YOU'VE GOT THE BRAIN FOR IT AND HOPE YOU WILL COMPLETE YOUR STUDIES Wish. you all the best,I have heard the entire CD with amazement and I am glad to know you had the best music for 09' keep up the good work It. is refreshing to hear the clean motivated words in your tracks...yes this is hip hop rebirth, and I hope you starting a new trend for the younger people to follow May God Bless you. God Bless you and thank you for donating to your college. Always do the right and the rest will come easy and people will follow because you are a leader with a vision of your generation may, God be with you.


March 24, 2010

Amazing sound this is the type of hip-hop we college student can relate to.This about our struggle and I am glad someone understand how hard it's out here.Big-j you've got me with your swag with your crew..Obama is doing it and I am glad we are part of this change.Let us no when you guys are going to tour.I got 2 cd's each and they sound is frying in my brain!!

Ms. Hilton

January 29, 2010

Great roster Line-up Mr.JdubR..Kiss Royale looks familiar and has a great voice plus style! Sonata has a wonderful voice! Someone Call Beyonce is sign this girl!! Big J is like a Big Papa lover! Reminds of Big Pun or Joel but is very different and rough...likes it! As far J-double-r, you already know how much i loved your mixtape and couldnt wait for the award winning Album! The Mixtape 2 is overdue for release, we are waiting here in Soo for this one!! Take care chump and hope great way to aid haiti! *Sigh*..what a epidemic entering 2010!


January 29, 2010

Wow..i just bought all cd...J-double-R your one tuff cookie! Very Smooth, slick and artist you are! In your own bubble, so when are you getting sign to a record deal?? Cant wait!!! Love you man, dont forget me when you make it big!!! Behind you 100% and Canada Saulte Ste Marie is too!
Ps.I commend you on donating procedes to Haiti..hope my purchased contributed dearly!